Protective Coatings

//Protective Coatings

The protective coatings first came to America in colonial days with the use of “white wash” used to protect the wood from harmful solar and weather conditions. Wood will eventually weather away without some protective coating. Interiors and furniture was protected with oils, varnish and shellacs. Since then the industry commonly called painting has expanded dramatically into infinite colors, sheens, densities, and formulas. The formulas are crafted to protect the surfaces of practically anything you can imagine. The big change was made from oil base coatings to water base coatings. The water base formulas (acrylics) are easier to apply, clean up and dry faster and less harm to the environment.

One exterior innovation for stucco and wood surfaces is a more flexible material call “Elastomeric”. This material has extra protective properties as well as elasticity which allow it to expand and contract with the weather thus protecting against small cracks.

Please consider not choosing lacquers when “Polyurethane” of water base formulas are as good and not harmful to the environment. Check with Tamara’s Painting Company before making your final decision.